Ep. 13 Meg “MegSquats” Gallagher

Meg “Meg Squats” Gallagher is our guest today. Meg is a competitive raw powerlifter, YouTube vlogger, and runs an online business at her website megsquats.com where she provides her “strong strong friends” with customize programming and training apparel. In this conversation Meg and Thomas discuss:

– Meg’s introduction to barbell training/powerlifting.

– What was the inspiration for Meg to start her youtube channel.

– What have been some of Meg’s favorite videos she’s posted on her channel

– Possible celebrities Meg and Thomas think may have a chance to become president

– And lots of other super fun things!!!

Places you can find Meg on the internet:



Places to find Meg on social media:

Youtube: megsquats

Instagram: @megsquats

Twitter: @megsquats

Other resources discussed:


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