Ep. 08 Steve Coach-Fury Holiner

Steve Coach-Fury Holiner is our guest this week. Fury is an Master RKC, DVRT Master Instructor, Original Strength Lead Instructor, and a strength coach at Mark Fisher Fitness.

In this conversation Fury and Thomas discuss.

– Fury’s traveling schedule teaching certifications all over the world.

– How Fury combines the systems he teaches for to help his clients achieve their goals in the weight room.

– Who Fury’s favorite comic book character is.

– And a bunch of other fun things!!!

Places you can find Fury on the internet:

Places to find Fury on social media:

twitter: @coachfury

instagram: @iamcoachfury

Places to find us on social media:

Twitter: @fmtrk415
Instagram: @fmtrk415

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