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To find the time I had first read one of Jordan Syatt’s blog post I used the tactic I use to remember a lot of random events in my life, I connect them to somewhat significant pop culture events. For example I know the first time I kissed a girl South Park Bigger Longer and uncut was released, last time I drank alcohol or smoked weed Bruce Almighty was released, and I lost my virginity the day The Simpsons movie came out. At the time I read this blog post I was working at commercial gym in Chicago and I had just taken over a role of helping with the education of the staff. Part of this was writing a weekly newsletter of different articles, videos, and podcast I had listened to that week that I thought the staff would dig. I remember writing the newsletter that week while watching WrestleMania 30 (Daniel Bryan became World Champion in easily the biggest happy ending in pro wrestling history) Now that I have that out of the way, let’s actually talk about Jordan a bit 🙂

Thanks to Jordan’s excellent search engine on his site I was able to find this article super quick (for nostalgic purposes I’m going to include a link to it at the bottom of this page) The article was a compilation of a bunch of “strength lessons” he had posted through out the week. From this I got a sense of how he was programming and just some different things he found important as a fitness professional. I dug what he was saying, so then like with everyone I newly stalk in the blog or podcast world I back logged the shit out of his blog. From this I saw even more so we had similar mindsets to training, but I also found out dude had mutant strength! I believe he had either four time Bodyweight deadlift, that’s fucking rare air right there, even if it’s just close to 4 times Bodyweight it’s nuts. So, for the last two years I’ve followed Jordan’s work, like all of us he’s changed his mind on how important certain exercises are, and changed his mind on various nutrition strategies. That’s what we do as we grow and learn from coaching humans. I think it shows one of the things I respect most about Jordan. I feel like he doesn’t look at training as “I have to get good at the big 3(bench/deadlift/ back squat)so I can win a powerlifting meet”, but more of a “what if we did this” mindset. What if we prioritized the major power lifts as a tool for fat loss? What if we combined elements of power lifting and elements of body building? He always seems to be looking for new ways to combine the art and science of what fitness professionals use to help humans make changes in their lives.

Recently Jordan has gained some notoriety for becoming Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer, and has since moved to New York City to take on this position. As Jordan talked about in the interview he went through some crazy stuff to get this position, not just his 10 year grind as a trainer. For just a shot to train Gary he traveled half way around the world for what was pretty much a tryout, then had to travel back the same week. Not sure how many people would make that sacrifice for a tryout, but Jordan did and it’s paying off huge for him. I’d like to thank Jordan again for taking time to meet with me for our interview, and I’m super excited to see where his career will be in the next 3-5 years. That’s why I wanted to converse with

Jordan, good journey.


Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (3/30/2014)




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