Ep. 03 Jordan Syatt


The guest today is Jordan Syatt.

Jordan is a world record powerlifter, strength and nutrition coach and currently Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer.

In this conversation Jordan and Thomas discuss

  • Jordan’s introduction to strength training
  • How he got his first personal training job
  • His experiences interning at Westside Barbell and Cressey Sports Performance
  • How he actually became Gary Vee’s personal trainer
  • And a lot of other fun things

Places you can find Jordan on the Internet:

Places you can find Jordan on Social Media:

Twitter: @SyattFitness

Instagram: @syattfitness

Snapchat: jordansyatt

Where to find The Fitness Median on social media:

Facebook: Fitness Median

Twitter: FMtrk415

Instagram: fmtrk415

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